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15th January 2018

If you go down to the woods today!

The children in Class Two had a great time exploring the woods in their first Forest Schools session. They took time to get familiar with the environment and each found their own "special place". The children are very excited to return next week. 

10th January 2018

Green & Yellow group in Class Two have been exploring ‘equal groups’ in maths this week.

Can you spot the ‘odd one out’ in their work?

20th December 2017

French School


Class 2 had fun using the power of technology to connect to France this morning.

They talked to their friends overseas about families and pets (in English and French). The morning finished with both classes singing Jingle Bells together (in French) and Class 2 entertaining the French children with their favourite pantomime song!

December 2017


The children in Class Two have been making 3D shapes and identifying the properties and name of the shapes.

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November 15th 2017

Terrific Science

As part of our Science Topic ‘Evolution and Inheritance’ Class 2 are taking part in a University of Kent study.

Researchers are investigating whether there is a link between where children live, the surfaces they play on and the flexibility of their feet. We have been measuring our feet to find our ‘foot flexibility index’ and look forward to finding out what the researchers discover. The children found out that their feet are not as flexible as their hands when they tried footwriting!

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November 3rd 2017

Maths Day

Who would have thought that there could be so much to learn from a carrot? Today the children have been refining their measurement skills through a number of carrot investigations! A drum roll for the winners of the longest carrot completion who were: Daniel S at East Cowton at 27.3cm and Jack B at Kirkby Fleetham at 25cm.

October 2017

Science Walk

The children in Class Two enjoyed a rather wet walk around the village as ‘Rock detectives’ to find out how rock is used and to establish the bedrock of the local area.

The children found some fossils on their journey. On return to school the children made their own fossils as a memorable activity to reinforce the fossil formation process.

Fascinating Forces

Year 5 & 6 have been investigating about water resistance and Mrs Mann challenged them to design a streamlined boat to win the race. Year 3 & 4 found out about the different strengths of magnets.

Year 4 - Robot Workshop 16th February 2017

The children in Year 4 had a great time at North Cowton Village Hall with other children from the small schools cluster. They programmed their robots (using a coding computer programme) to go along on a track. There was a lot of problem solving and head scratching to work out why the robots were not going in the direction wanted! The children showed great resilience and determination to complete the challenge. By the end of the workshop the robots were dancing, spinning and flashing multi-coloured lights. Well done Year 4

Class 2 African Drumming

The children have been busy preparing for the 'Showcase' at the end of the Spring Term.

Year 3 and 4

Year 3 and 4 have enjoyed making and playing maths games to help each other learn  times tables facts. As part of their literacy work they wrote instructions to accompany the games.

Bird Migration

As part of our Science Topic (Living Things and their habitats), Year 3 & 4 have explored Bird Migration. They produced a PowerPoint to inform each other about their bird, where it migrates from and to and the dangers that it encounters along the way. We even discovered some birds that migrate from the UK to Africa! The children also enjoyed bird watching and using 2Question to create a tree diagram to sort and group birds. Finally, we braved the snow to collect things from the school environment to create 'Bird pictures'.

Class 2 enjoyed their trip to Richmond with Kirkby Fleetham.

First stop was at the Georgian Theatre to learn about life long ago. The children really enjoyed the tour of the theatre, trying on old Georgian clothing and costumes. From there we had a short walk to Influence Church where the children learnt about the Food Bank and who it helps.

After a busy morning it was time for lunch, the children enjoyed their picnic in the Friary Gardens and appreciated admiring the new tree sculpture that has recently been completed. Finally we went on a beautiful walk round Richmond Market, Castle Walk and to the Station. The children took time to identify the historical features and how there have been many changes over time. The children loved looking at the amazing views.

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Class 1

Year 6 Treat 20.7.16

For this year's leavers treat, the children chose a delicious afternoon tea at Betty's in Northallerton with Mrs Mann and Mrs Hodgson.

Strawberry Tea 21.7.16

The children impressed us all with their singing, dancing, composing and joke telling. Some very confident performances from all of our children. Well done

Gardening day 24.6.16

As part of our Archie Bishop award we decided to clear the Bluebell Woods. Lots of our parents came in to help too. We think it will be a much better place for people to come for some time for quiet and reflection.

Armed Forces Day 17.6.16

The children in years four and five had a wonderful time at the armed forces day at Catterick Garrison today.

The Queen's birthday 10.6.16

To celebrate the Queen's birthday the children in Early years children prepared a cream tea for the whole school

Tchoukball 26.5.16

We had a fantastic time at the tchoukball tournament yesterday. See Archie Gent's report below:

Yesterday 7 children from East Cowton and 5 from Kirkby Fleetham went for a game of tchoukball at Appleton Wiske. This was a new experience for everybody. We all enjoyed it, it was great fun. East Cowton came second and won the silver medal '

Tchoukball 25.6.16

The children thoroughly enjoyed Roop Singh’s visit as you can see from Lucy Shirt’s comments below:

What can I tell you about Roop Singh? Well I shall start with the time I walked through the hall doors and I spotted his long beard. He wore a yellowy- orange turban and an  outfit that was all white, apart from the odd burst of colour coming from the symbol and his sash that held a sword. The sword is a symbol of truth, freedom, honour, justice and protection.

His humour with story telling surprised me and, I am guessing, most of the others. He told the story of the mug (beautiful mug) and how it spoke to him at a car boot sale. It made me laugh  and some people even cried, that made it even more exciting!’

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