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At The Federation of East Cowton and Kirkby Fleetham Primary Schools, we pride ourselves on providing a creative and stimulating English curriculum that inspires children with engaging topics, challenging texts and creative approaches to reading and writing across all curriculum areas. 

Creativity is at the heart of our teaching and learning, and each term children are challenged with new and exciting approaches to reading, writing, spelling, grammar and phonics.


Literacy Masters

At our school we are striving to adopt a mastery approach to teaching and learning. We actively engage children in discussions about the learning process and endeavour to challenge them in ways that not just stretch them, but that deepen their awareness and experience, embedding learning in meaningful ways.  Children in our school are good at talking about their learning, and as we begin to adopt this approach more fully you will hear children talking about what mastery means to them and see evidence in our books of children taking that extra step to push the boundaries of their learning.

In literacy lessons this will manifest itself in the quality and challenge of texts we work on in class, the questioning and discussions that take place, and the way children are encouraged to develop a ‘voice’ through their writing. Awareness of audience is key to fostering mastery of learning in literacy and this is why our long term plan is structured around purpose,such as ‘writing to entertain’ or ‘writing to inform’, rather than through topics alone.


Recent reading and writing projects include:

A joint federation writing day exploring machines, mechanisms, explanation texts and inventions.



Read about Thomas’s ‘Elemental Compressor’, Darcy’s ‘Time Turner’ and Will’s ‘YOY Homework Genrator!’


Visiting the Poetry Doctor: Frankie wrote a healing poem to cure Toby’s sleep problems and Tara wrote a verse to cure Darcy’s sudden bursts of temper!



Medicine Man - The Healing Power of Poetry.


Shakespeare in the Forest.


Class 3 children at Kirkby Fleetham preparing their dramatic Shakespearian scenes before joining East Cowton children for ‘Shakespeare in the Forest’.



Wherever possible we embed spiritual, moral, social and cultural ideas and objectives into our teaching and learning. We understand how literacy, and writing in particular, is an important vehicle for children expressing their reflections and feelings, and exploring their own sense of self and place in the wider world.



Reading and writing across the curriculum.

Literacy learning at Kirkby Fleetham and East Cowton is not confined to formal English lessons, reading and writing are embedded across the school in all curriculum areas. 


Songwriting is a great vehicle for experimenting with words and expressing feelings. Children in KS2 have been writing some emotive lyrics and putting their words to music.


Mia wrote a powerful song titled ‘You’re a Shadow’ about a ghostly figure. Her lyrics were full of figurative language and beautiful imagery. Nel wrote a very heartfelt and emotive song about survival through difficult times called ‘Battleground’ which she put to music.



It is well documented that children’s progress in writing is echoed by their artistic abilities. Mark making with a variety of tools and media is essential for children to develop important fine motor skills, as well as creative and imaginative ideas.


Children are encouraged to write reflections about their artwork in their own personal sketch book.


Termly Authors

Each term we choose an author to study in depth. Over the holidays children at Kirkby Fleetham were all given a Michael Morpurgo book from to read and enjoy at home. In school we shared ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ as our whole class text – the last chapter made us all cry!





Our KS1 and KS2 children are rising to the demands of the new grammar curriculum.



Parents Grammar Workshop Powerpoint Slides to follow.



Parent Phonics Workshop Powerpoint Slides to follow.


A Child-Centred Appraoch

At school we recognise that children learn in all kinds of different ways and that their needs can vary greatly. Throughout our literacy teaching we endeavour to meet the specific needs of all individuals through tailor-made topics, appropriate resources and one-to-one interventions. 



Our sometimes reluctant boy writers use ICT, big pens and big sheets of paper to help them structure their ideas in a way that best suits them.


Community Links

Children at Kirkby Fleetham enjoyed a lovely afternoon exploring the community library in the village hall.




For further information about English in our school, please contact our Literacy Subject Leader Kirsti-Anna Hume.

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