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At The Federation of East Cowton and Kirkby Fleetham Primary Schools, we pride ourselves on providing a creative and stimulating English curriculum that inspires children with engaging topics, challenging texts and creative approaches to reading and writing across all curriculum areas. 

Creativity is at the heart of our teaching and learning, and each term children are challenged with new and exciting approaches to reading, writing, spelling, grammar and phonics.


Our Vision for English


‘To provide rich learning experiences driven by challenge, creativity, imagination and curiosity, giving children opportunities to express and communicate ideas in new ways and make real things for real audiences. Through carefully chosen, relevant topics and challenging and diverse texts, children take ownership of their learning pathways, developing self-esteem and confidence. Children develop a love of language and literature in all its forms, and through this a deep understanding of themselves and others.’


The message to pupils

‘English is a creative subject where we are always making something new or original. It is a subject that allows us to explore our own and other people’s emotions and provides safe and interesting ways to express our thoughts, feelings and ideas through talking and writing. It is a chance to enter different worlds and experiences through reading or creating them for ourselves. In English lessons we can ask real questions and debate about things that matter to us.’


Our approach to teaching and learning in English


We have small, mixed-age classes at both of our schools, which demand innovative and creative approaches to teaching English. Our highly-skilled team of teachers plan and deliver lessons with audience, purpose and imagination at the core of the learning experience, based on the premise that ALL pupils, regardless of different learning rates, ages and styles, can achieve highly given the right conditions.

High quality, challenging and relevant texts.


English Across the Curriculum


It is well documented that children’s progress in writing is echoed by their artistic abilities. Mark making with a variety of tools and media is essential for children to develop important fine motor skills, as well as creative and imaginative ideas.


Children are encouraged to write reflections about their artwork in their own personal sketch book.



ICT is embedded throughout all our literacy learning. With thanks to the excellent ‘Purple Mash’ programme, children have been publishing some wonderful news reports, leaflets and even written their own books. The beauty of this programme is children can log on at home and finish or edit their writing for homework. As all children have their own email account, they can email their work to their teachers to mark.




Wherever possible we embed spiritual, moral, social and cultural ideas and objectives into our teaching and learning. We understand how literacy, and writing in particular, is an important vehicle for children expressing their reflections and feelings, and exploring their own sense of self and place in the wider world.


Phonics and Spelling

Please see phonics page


A Child-Centred Approach

At school we recognise that children learn in all kinds of different ways and that their needs can vary greatly. Throughout our literacy teaching we endeavour to meet the specific needs of all individuals through tailor-made topics, appropriate resources and one-to-one interventions. 



Our sometimes reluctant boy writers use ICT, big pens and big sheets of paper to help them structure their ideas in a way that best suits them.


Recent English Projects


Recent English Projects


Oh how we grew to love these characters in Louis Sachar’s wonderful novel ‘Holes’!

Favourite quote:

“If you take a bad boy and make him dig a hole every day in the hot sun, it will turn him into a good boy.”

The ancient and rich language of Michael Morpurgo’s Beowulf inspired some amazing responses both in and outside the classroom, including impromptu drama performances in the playground and amazing Minecraft homes being created for the evil Grendal at home!

Children from Early Years to Year 6 were able to access the surreal and powerful text ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker in our whole school English week. The book resulted in some fabulous artwork, as well as outstanding writing from all year groups.


Studying the provocative and thought provoking text ‘Arrival’ by Shaun Tan added great depth to our UK topic and generated much deep discussion about immigration and belonging. Children in Key Stage 1 followed a similar philosophical theme through the atmospheric text ‘The Journey’ by Francesca Sanna.


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